With April comes the first full month of Spring! Great weather is in full effect, the sun’s out later in the day, the kids are out running around, and our family can finally spend some quality time outdoors.

With the new season, it’s also an amazing time to take stock of your home and do some Spring Cleaning. But sometimes, the hardest part is deciding where to start. Life is already complicated enough, so we figured we would help you out with a curated list.

So take some time to review it and see if it can help you get through your Spring Cleaning this year!

1. Begin Afresh – Go around your house and clear off spaces, only keeping the stuff you absolutely love.

2. Mind the Clock – Sometimes, we get a little overambitious and bite off more than we can chew. Make sure that you have time for your cleaning goals.

3. Start at the Top – Let gravity be your friend. Clean higher spaces first, and then work your way down to the floor. Otherwise, you’ll clean the floor a lot!

4. All in One Spot – To save time, put together a bucket with all your needed cleaning supplies. Then, when you have a spare minute, it’s ready to go.

5. Make a Checklist – This keeps you focused on task. It also ensures that you don’t miss anything…and doesn’t it feel GREAT to cross off items?

6. Open a Window – It’s Spring, let in the fresh air! You will be shocked at how much this small step can improve your mood as you clean.

7. Before & After – Take a picture before you start cleaning a room. Then, take one in the same spot after. Seeing your progress makes it that much sweeter!

With that, best of luck with your Spring Cleaning! We hope you and your family have an amazing season, and we look forward to long, lazy days, and nights full of fireflies. Live it to the fullest!